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Features on SEW encoder assembly
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    Germany SEW encoder optical encoder, is a kind of SEW sensor which converts mechanical geometrical displacement of output shaft into pulse or digital quantity through photoelectric conversion. Germany SEW encoder is currently widely used sensor. SEW photoelectric encoder consists of grating disk and optical detection device. Today we will learn something about features of SEW encoder assembly.
The grating disk is like opening a plurality of rectangular holes in a circular plate with certain diameter. Because photoelectric encoder has the same shaft as motor,     Germany SEW encoder grating disk is rotating with motor at the same speed when the motor rotates, and detecting output pulse signals through detection device comprised by electronics components like light-emitting diodes; the current speed of motor can be reflected through calculating pulse numbers output by optical encoder per second. In addition, Germany SEW encoder disk also provides the two pulse signals of phase difference 90o in order to determine the rotation direction.
    Germany SEW encoder can be divided into optical, magnetic, inductive and capacitive type based on detection principle. According to the scale and signal output forms, it can be divided into three types: incremental encoder, absolute encoders, and mixed encoder.
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