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Name:NORD helical-worm gearmotors
time:2013-9-29 10:54:46
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NORD helical worm reducer: main models as follows: SK02040, SK02050, SK12063, SK12080, SK32100, SK42125; three-stage SK13050, SK13063, SK33100, SK43125
Product feature:
Robust iron-cast gear box
Gear indicators reaching the international advanced standard
To be directly connected to a wide range of motors, brake motors and frequency-variable motors
Suitable for harsh environments
Integrally cast foot or flange design
Smooth surface design to facilitate cleaning
All bearings is under long-term operation without trouble
High quality seal parts to enhance leakage protection
Output end is an integral part of gear box. Because of fixed output cap without screw, leakage or gear eccentric will not happen.

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